RURAL-ENGINE – Publicaciones

SAM-based detection of structural anomalies in 3D models for preserving cultural heritage. Jurado-Rodríguez, David, López-Ruiz, Alfonso, Jiménez, Roberto J., Garrido, Antonio, Feito, Francisco R., Jurado-Rodríguez, Juan M. Accepted in VISAPP 2024 (International Conference in Computer Vision Theory and Applications).

Detection of landscape features with visible and thermal imaging at the Castle of Puerta Arenas. Carolina Collaro, Carmen Enríquez-Muñoz, Alfonso López, Carlos Enríquez, Juan M. Jurado. Doi: 

Efficient generation of occlusion-aware multispectral and thermographic point clouds. Alfonso López, Carlos J. Ogayar, Juan M. Jurado, Francisco R. Feito. doi: