Welcome to the website of the TIC-144 research group of the University of Jaén!

The main interests of this group are Computer Graphics and Geomatics.

Computer Graphics

Regarding Computer Graphics, our research focuses on the simulation of real-life  phenomena that can be represented graphically using new technologies. We try to develop new products that connect science, animation, simulation and visualization, using new paradigms and methodologies.


Geomatics is mainly related to the graphical representation of land information and its geographical relationship. This discipline is also called Geoinformatics, as the result of the mixing of Earth Sciences and Computer Science. It consists of the integration of techniques and methodologies for the acquisition, storage, processing, analysis, presentation and distribution of georeferenced information.


The research work of this group is also the starting point for the development of new products and the cooperation as technological advisors for small, medium and big companies.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do through this website. Use the top menu to access to the different sections.

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