Deferred boundary evaluation of complex CSG models

Advances in Engineering Software vol. 85 pp. 51-60

Carlos-Javier Ogayar-Anguita; Ángel-Luis García-Fernández; Francisco R. Feito; Rafael-Jesús Segura-Sánchez


In this paper we present a deferred method for evaluating a complete CSG tree based on triangulated solids. It allows the exact evaluation of the surface of the entire model in a single step, using regularized Boolean classifications. The overall performance with this approach is better than with the classical method, which incrementally evaluates a CSG tree with single Boolean operations. The deferred algorithm does not use any intermediate result for the nodes of the CSG tree. It uses a very simple data structure and an octree that speeds up spatial queries for the entire CSG tree. The algorithm intensively uses multitasking and is ready for working with very complex CSG expressions, including the application of an out-of-core based approach.

DOI: 10.1016/j.advengsoft.2015.03.003


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