A GPU-accelerated LiDAR Sensor for Generating Labelled Datasets

Spanish Computer Graphics Conference (CEIG 2021) pp. 27-30

Alfonso López-Ruiz; Carlos-Javier Ogayar-Anguita; Francisco R. Feito


This paper presents a GPU-based LiDAR simulator to generate large datasets of ground-truth point clouds. LiDAR technology has significantly increased its impact on academic and industrial environments. However, some of its applications require a large amount of annotated LiDAR data. Furthermore, there exist many types of LiDAR sensors. Therefore, developing a parametric LiDAR model allows simulating a wide range of LiDAR scanning technologies and obtaining a significant number of points clouds at no cost. Beyond their intensity data, these synthetic point clouds can be classified with any level of detail.

DOI: 10.2312/ceig.20211360q


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