Google Tango

Augmented reality technology made for Smartphones developed by Google; Through Project Tango the different types of users will be able to implement the technology in their daily activities and they will achieve, from visualizing how the furniture would be in a room, to personalizing videos with 3D filters and drawing surfaces in a house.



Virtual reality glasses manufactured by HTC and Valve. The device is designed to use space in a room and immerse itself in a virtual world in which the user is allowed to walk and use controllers to interact with virtual objects.



A computer platform of mixed reality developed by Microsoft, through applications in which the presentation of virtual elements (holograms) is incorporated with real elements, in such a way that it is perceived visually by the user in a shared environment.


3D printer BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos

3D printer that allows you to explore the limits of your imagination creating all kinds of figures and gadgets.


3D printer ZMorph 2.0

Multifunction 3D printer with CNC milling machine, laser and chocolate extruder. It has a touch screen and Voxelizer software, developed by ZMorph. As for the chassis and structure, it is made of mostly metal, using plastic only in non-critical parts.


Kinect V2

Game and entertainment controller, developed by Microsoft that allows users to control and interact with the Xbox or PC console without having physical contact with a traditional controller, through a natural user interface that recognizes gestures, voice commands, and objects And images.


Motion tracking by Ascension technology

Modular DC electromagnetic tracker that captures target position and target data through six degrees of freedom, over a specified range of up to 4 feet.


Ladybug 2

Spherical digital video camera with six 0.8MP cameras that allow the system to collect video over 75% of the entire sphere and an IEEE-1394b (FireWire 800) interface that allows transmission to disk at 30 FPS.


Panasonic Toughpad FZ-B2

Tough Android tablet. It features a Panasonic 7-inch screen with Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallo2) technology and the Intel Atom ™ processor x5-Z8550. Easy-to-use tool that boosts productivity and works at all times.


Intel RealSense camera R200

Long-range 3D camera, ideal for detecting the environment. It is easily constructed on a tripod. It can also be easily implemented in robotics, drones, augmented reality or virtual gears, and other intelligent and connected devices. It has infrared depth detection functions and Full HD.